Maximizing Efficiency: Managing Waste & Cost

Apr 13, 2016 • WHITE PAPERS
Protective Industrial Products

An incredible amount of time and effort is often spent reviewing product pricing over 

other considerations that impact a company's bottom line.

Don’t read that the wrong way; while pricing remains important and a price reduction
does produce immediate savings, it doesn’t always translate as the best solution for
cost reduction. One of the most overlooked opportunities for cost reduction is the
management of product usage and waste.

The existence of waste (in one form or another) has been a major factor throughout
the industrial era. It’s even led to the development of multi-million dollar 

industries and businesses. Whether it’s ultimately managing costs or increasing 

productivity, the reduction of waste in this day and age should be among any 

organization’s top priorities.

To demonstrate just how effective the difference can be when addressing waste,
we’ve chosen to use a recent conversion at an American-based company, regarded
as one of the world’s largest metal producers (over $5 billion in sales annually), as
a case study.




In 2015, a customer reached out to one of our distributors expressing 

concern about
their glove usage. The customer was using cotton canvas gloves in three of their 

factories.Within these factories, the company refines, converts, and packages finished 


In total, there were approximately 600 employees wearing the cotton canvas gloves
to perform their respective tasks. The annual usage for 2014 was 434,700 pairs of
gloves, which amounted to over $190,000 annually.



Following a site survey with our distributor, we suggested a switch to 

the MaxiFlex®
Ultimate™ as a high   quality alternative and set the parameters for the test period.
The customer agreed to convert one of their three factories as a test facility to the
MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ for a 60-day period. In order to isolate and record results as
accurately as possible, a total changeover was requested for the duration of the
testing period. This meant that only the MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ was made available
to the 200 workers at this site.





Throughout the 60-day testing period, the test facility used 1,571 

pairs of gloves.
When prorated, this volume would be estimated at 28,278 pairs of gloves over a full
year across all three factories. Based on their 2014 usage report, the customer was 

using 434,700 pairs of cotton canvas gloves each year. A switch to the MaxiFlex® 

Ultimate™ would reduce their product usage by over 93%, or 406,422 pairs of gloves per 


When prorating their annual cost with the MaxiFlex® Ultimate™, the customer
calculated they would save nearly 50%. Considering that the customer’s annual
spending on cotton canvas gloves was in excess of $190,000, this is clearly an
immense savings! This savings comes despite the fact that one pair of the MaxiFlex®
Ultimate™ cost nearly 8 times more than a pair of the cotton canvas gloves.



By addressing the product consumption issue head-on, this particular customer was
able to to achieve significant savings, far beyond what a simple price adjustment
would have produced. Even a straight 10% discount, which would have made a
meaningful impact, would have only produced about $19,000 in annual savings,
or nearly 80% less than these actual results.

Why was the difference so dramatic? Seamless coated knits are typically made of
nylon or polyester blends which are much more durable than cotton. In addition,
the incredibly resilient nitrile microfoam coating we recommended can withstand up
to 18,000 cycles on the Martindale Abrasion Test.



In addition to the product savings, the following are a few added 

benefits that
that were results of this conversion.


The significant reduction in usage also allowed this company to reduce the amount of 

resources they had tied to their on-hand inventory. A two week supply of the cotton 

canvas gloves equated to 16,720 pairs (or over 2 pallets). The cost of this inventory 

exceeded $7,300.


Conversely, a two week supply of the MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ is 1,088 pairs (or just 7-8 

cases). The cost of this inventory is just over $3,700. The difference: the customer 

effectively reduced funds tied up in their on-hand inventory by nearly 50%, while 

clearing over two pallets from their storage area.



The distributor also benefited in this aspect, as they were able to clear over 1,500 

square feet of warehousing space as a result of the conversion. It took four of the 

distributor’s workers several hours to unload each delivery for cotton canvas gloves – 

a 20 foot container – and put the product into inventory. This occurred 2-3 times each 



Recalling a previously reported result, this conversion reduced the customer’s annual 

usage by 406,422 pairs of gloves per year. The time it takes a worker to remove their 

gloves, dispose of them, go to the supply area to get a new pair, put them on, and get 

back on the job can be 5 minutes on average.

When these numbers are expanded annually, the reduction in waste would create a time 

savings of 2,032,110 minutes. This is the equivalent of over 33,868.5 hours, or over 

4,233 eight-hour shifts. That’s like adding the production of 17 full-time, fully 

trained employees to the staff!


In addition to clearing space and cost within their on-hand inventory, the customer 

also reduced their costs for disposing the used products. A 20 yard dumpster can 

essentially hold 10 pallets worth of gloves. The reduction in usage means the customer 

eliminated a dumpster disposal every 2 - 3 months.



Finally, when transitioning from an uncoated glove to a coated glove, one of the 

obvious benefits for the wearer is an enhanced grip. In general, the coating will 

enhance a glove’s grip by providing friction between the glove and what the worker is 

holding, significantly reducing slippage. Different coatings work better given the 

working conditions, and the nitrile microfoam coating provided by the MaxiFlex® 

Ultimate™ was the ideal solution for the customer’s applications.

Additionally, as we reviewed the customer’s usage reports for both the cotton canvas 

gloves and the MaxiFlex® Ultimate™, another benefit presented itself. When the 

customer was buying cotton canvas gloves, the only two sizes available to them were 

men’s and women’s. The MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ is available in a variety of sizes and the 

customer had their employees using everything from XS to XXL, to achieve the proper 

fit (the MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ is available in sizes XXS-XXXL).





First, a better fit means a safer product. When the glove is too loose, the wearer can 

experience less tactile sensitivity and control. This could lead to injuries and 

subsequent costs. If the glove is too tight, it can wear faster and provide less 

durability while putting additional strain on the wearer’s hands. The poor fit, in 

either case, could encourage workers to remove their gloves for certain precision
handling tasks. And the only time a glove can provide the protection it’s designed to 

deliver is when it’s being worn!

Second, a better fit will lead to increased productivity. Again, when the glove is too 

loose, less control can lead to more distractions and a slower process. A glove that’s 

too tight could lead to discomfort and hand fatigue, potentially resulting in the 

wearer needing to remove their gloves more frequently. The better fit with the 

MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ allowed crane operators – responsible for moving loads in excess 

of 200 pounds – to manipulate buttons on the controls, without removing their gloves.

Third, a better fit increases comfort. A properly fitting glove can reduce hand 

fatigue and be easier to work with. This can result in workers wearing their gloves 

more frequently, if not continuously. Among those who appreciated the change most 

during the test period were several individuals who suffered from pre-existing 

arthritic conditions. Reinforcing the first point, gloves that are worn and are worn 

more frequently can increase the protection of the worker.



As we summarize all of the data shared, it becomes easier to see just 

how impactful
it was for this customer to make the decision to reduce their product usage, as
opposed to negotiating price.



Comparatively, while a price negotiation would have taken less time and delivered a
known outcome, a 10% price reduction would have only saved $19,000.


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Protective Industrial Products, Inc. (PIP) is exceptionally proud and honored to have Robin Roberts elected as Chairman of Evergreen Marketing Group's 2013-14 Supplier Advisory Council. Mr. Roberts ha…


PIP Product Specialists, Chris Barrington and Travis Estes Earn Coveted QSSP Designation

PIP is pleased to announce that PIP Product Specialists, Chris Barrington and Travis Estes have earned the designation of Qualified Safety Sales Professional (QSSP).The QSSP course is a rigorous, week-lon…


Two New Members Join PIP Senior Management Team

PIP's stellar growth, over the last 10 years, has positioned itself as a global leader in Safety Hand Protection and places PIP well on its way to becoming a referenced-leader in the Personal Protective Eq…


PIP Wins Affiliated Distributors 2012 Supplier of the Year for Performance

PIP was recently honored for outstanding achievement in winning the Affiliated Distributors 2012 Supplier of the Year - Performance Award. To be recognized as a top performer in this esteemed group of…

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