Welding Protection

The key to injury reduction is not just product, it's understanding applications so that the right safety product is used. Welding is inherently dangerous. Gas, flame, sparks, blinding light – nothing can be left to chance. PIP® offers the right product designed specifically for protecting professional welders. Tailored to work with the different types of welding.


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Welders Gloves

Red Viper

RED VIPER 牛肩皮冶金手套,凯夫拉纱线跟棉内衬里


  • 材料:牛肩皮
  • 构造:100%皮革内附棉内衬
  • 颜色:红色
  • 袖口款式:全皮革长袖口
  • 尺寸: MENS
  • 包装: 6 打/箱
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